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Meet The Owners

Jose started this dream 14 years ago as a family-run bakery with the idea to expand and become a restaurant. After years of hard work, the little bakery became at Lonzo's Restaurant, named after his son. His soulmates' heritage and childhood memories inspired Lonzo's essence to offer the most representative plates of the Peruvian food. Since then, they have worked together to provide the most traditional and innovative recipes to our customers. By this, they have obtained recognition in our community, the restaurant industry, and the media as one of the best Peruvian restaurants in Culver City, Los Angeles. Jose and Miriam have a philosophy of giving back. And they enjoy sharing special dates with the most vulnerable people of our community and saying thank you for all the support and affection they have received through these years. So, If you are looking for a cozy and family homemade taste and have not tried us yet, we invite you to cross us out from your must-visit restaurants' list.


Our Customers' Compliments... 

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  • SUN: 9am - 8pm

  • MON: closed

  • TUE-THU: 9am - 9pm

  • FRI-SAT: 9am - 10pm




LOCATION: Culver City

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